Virtual Masquerade

G-Anime 2020

Confinement inspired you to come up with a new costume?  Did the quarantine give you the motivation to start or finish a new cosplay project?  Are you sad that you couldn't present your new cosplay due to the cancellation of face-to-face conventions this summer? 


If you answered 'yes' to one or more of these questions, rejoice, because the G-Anime convention will present a virtual masquerade, and we want you as a participant!  Grab your video camera, your personal ninja and your makeup brush, because it's time to shoot your entry for the masquerade!


G-Anime's virtual masquerade is an amateur costume contest featuring characters from anime, manga and video games, television series, novels, and costumes inspired by these works. This amateur competition allows participants to showcase their superb costumes, the excellence of their workmanship, and their creativity.  The costumes will be judged by a panel of experienced cosplayers, who will present awards for excellence in craftsmanship and originality of presentation.



What you need to know:

When will the masquerade take place? Saturday, October 3rd at 7PM.  The masquerade will be presented on one (or more) streaming platforms (Youtube, Steam, etc).  The awards ceremony will take place immediately after the masquerade through a Facebook Live.


When can I register for the masquerade? 

Registration will take place online from September 12-19, 2020, or until the limit of 40 entries is reached. PLEASE NOTE that you will need to send in your video presentation when you register in order for it to be accepted.  Entries without a presentation will not be accepted.



What kind of presentation can I submit for the Masquerade? 

There are two ways to present a costume: a skit or a walk-on.

i) Skit: a short performance of 1 minute MAXIMUM. Can be done solo or in a group (groups will NOT be allowed more time). If the skit exceeds the time limit, the entry will be disqualified.


ii) Walk-on: the participant(s) enter(s) the stage, pose in the middle of the stage to show different angles of their costume, and exit on the other side of the stage. Background music is permitted and must be provided by the participant(s).


The maximum number of participants for a single group is 10, from a maximum of 3 different homes. We will not accept a group with more participants than the allowed limit or that does not respect social distancing measures.



What type of video can I send? 

To be accepted, the video presentation must not exceed 1 minute and must have been filmed respecting the health measures established by your provincial government (social distancing, indoor/outdoor presence, private vs. public place, etc.).  In addition, the soundtrack accompanying your video must comply with Youtube's copyright policies (     


In what digital format should I send my video? 

The accepted digital formats are .MOV and .MP4.  The compression will depend on the transfer site used and will be mentioned during the registration process.  We ask that you also have the soundtrack in a separate format, in case we need to reapply the soundtrack for better sound quality.  We will contact you if this is required during the video editing process.


How will the workmanship judging take place? 

Once your registration has been completed and received, we will contact you by email to offer you the choice of a time slot for the workmanship judging (probably on a weekday evening, several evenings will be available as a choice).  This will be done by videoconference with our team of judges (either by Microsoft Team or Google Meet).  It will not be necessary to wear your costume during your virtual meeting with the judges: you will be able to show the details of your outfit to the camera.


There are only 40 places available for Sketch or Parade entries.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be accepted.


In recognition of the work of the participants, prizes are awarded for the best presentations and costumes.

Rules of the G-Anime

Virtual Masquerade 2020


1. The filming of video presentations MUST respect the sanitary and social distancing measures put in place by provincial governments.


2. No blatant nudity. The Masquerade is rated "G but not recommended for young children": A work rated "General Visa" may include some scenes of violence. However, these will be few in number, low in intensity, or presented without complacency. Depending on the context, certain variations in language are accepted. (Régie du Cinema, Quebec


3. No live firearms, realistic copies or projectile weapons are permitted. No knives, sharp metal blades or other weapons are permitted.


4. Each participant may only enter once during the Masquerade. However, any individual may present as many costumes as he or she wishes, but may only wear one.  The other costumes must be presented by other participants in the same group.


5. Participants must submit their video at the time of registration, using the designated sharing site (which will be specified at the time of registration).  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Note that only cases of force majeure can exempt you from this rule ("Act of God").


6. The Masquerade Direction reserves the right to eliminate anyone from the competition if participants are disrespectful, lacking in decency, present a danger to the audience and/or other participants, or for any other reason deemed reasonable.  Costumes presented may not be obscene or offensive, including the insensitive or unnecessary use of makeup, nor endorse any form of hatred or hate group, or face immediate disqualification.


7. Costumes made to measure by a third party will be accepted IF AND ONLY IF the costume designer has completed and signed the entry form. The costume designer does not have to participate in the video presentation, but MUST be present during the video conference for the workmanship judging. Costumes purchased online are not accepted. Wigs, small props, and jewelry are exempt from this rule.


8. Judges' decisions are final. If the judges consider that no costume in a division is worthy of an award, they may not give an award.  The same applies to the Best in Show and Best in Division awards.


The System of Standard Divisions

The system of standard divisions has been put in place to protect the participants who are starting out in costume making, and also to allow for fair competition for all. A participant may decide to enter in a higher division than the one to which he belongs if he feels that his expertise is superior to that of his division; if he wins a prize, he now belongs to that division.  For example, a costume designer who has more than a dozen costumes to his or her credit, but who has never participated in a Masquerade, may be placed in the Artisan division at a minimum; however, if he or she wins in that division, he or she will now be required to compete in the Artisan division (or higher) in future Masquerades.


The Standard Division system, in accordance with the guidelines of the International Costumers Guild, will be used as follows:

Junior Division (also known as "Young Fan")​

Any participant under 13 years of age at the time of the agreement.  This Division includes two sub-divisions:

Costume made by the participant: The costume was made in majority or in totality by the participant.

Costume made by an adult: The costume was made in majority or in totality by an adult.

Novice Division

Any participant who has not won a prize or any prize other than in the Junior Division

Intermediate Division

Any entrant who has won one (1) prize in the Novice Division or less than three (3) prizes in the Intermediate Division at Masquerades, or any entrant who wishes to compete in this category and does not belong to a higher category.


Artisan Division

Any entrant who has won three (3) prizes in the Intermediate Division or less than three (3) prizes in the Artisan Division at Masquerades, or any entrant who wishes to compete in this category and does not belong to a higher category.


Master Division

Any entrant who has won three (3) prizes in the Artisan Division, or any entrant who has won a prize in the Master category at a nationally recognized Masquerade, or any entrant who wishes to compete in this category.


Out of Competition Division

The Masquerade is an amateur contest.  Purchased or rented costumes cannot be entered in the prize divisions, but may be paraded on stage in the Non-Competition division.  Costumes created for professional purposes are not eligible for prizes, but may also be paraded in this division.  In addition, anyone wishing to enter this division may do so.

N.B.: The Masquerade Direction reserves the right to change a participant from one division to another if the level of dressmaking does not meet the division's criteria.


Workmanship Excellency

Evaluation of the garment takes place behind the scenes, before the Masquerade begins. These awards recognize excellence in costume construction. You can be judged on the costume as a whole or on a specific piece or accessory. Costume construction judging is mandatory for Artisans and Master divisions, but is strongly suggested for other divisions (except Out-of-Competition). Quality work deserves to be rewarded regardless of Division. Our judges will pay particular attention to the materials and fabrics chosen, the cut of the garment, the finish, the technical mastery of the participant, etc... Judges must be notified of the parts made and those purchased.


If you have any questions, please contact the Masquerade Direction at