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Merchants & Artists


A definition of the difference between a vendor and artist and community tables (Table exchanges, charities, ect.)

  • Artist: 75% of content being sold must be handmade by the Artist/Artist Collective

  • Community: Tables given in exchange for services provided in event/partnership exchanges or granted to charities/non-profits. 

  • Vendor: Tables for people who deal in the resale of items and/or marketing.


It is expected that all participants conduct themselves in a professional manner. Shows in lack of professionalism will result in disciplinary actions from the GA board of Directors. If you encounter concerns or issues with other vendors, Please bring your concerns to the Vendor Coordinator to be dealt with immediately. Do not approach the vendor in question yourself.

  • Respect your space!

  • Keep areas tidy and clean

  • Set up as visually appealing and tidy

  • Ensure disposal needs are directed to the Vendors coordinator to ensure that the trash from your area is collected in a timely manner. 

  • Do not over crowd your vending space with product or staff.

  • Respect the space of your Neighbors

  • All vending areas are clearly marked, DO NOT move or over exceed this marked area. Should you require more space, please purchase it prior to the event. 

  • DO NOT use your neighbours space for storage of product/merchandise/garbage. 



COVID Practices


Vendors are responsible for:

  • Wearing a mask or face shield when dealing

  • Reducing touch-points (We recommend having at maximum one of each item you are selling on display and contactless payment systems)

  • Physical distancing, and encouraging physical distancing between attendees

  • Having no more than 2 persons inside the vendor space


G-Anime will:

  • Encourage physical distancing

  • Limiting attendee ticket sales, access, and session.

  • Double-booths

  • Providing disposable masks and hand sanitizer



You are welcome to bring you children to the event provided they have proper registration level (see ticket sales for age pricing if your child is not using one of your vendor badges). If you bring your children to the event they and you will be subject to the following policies.

  • No one under the age of 16 in vendor hall during set up and tear down

  • We are not responsible for the care or welfare of your children at any time during the event.

  • Other vendors are not responsible for the care of welfare of your children at any time during the event.

  • At no time should your child or children interfere with the business of another vendor.

  • Children under the age 16 need supervision at all times

  • If your child is being loud(screaming, crying) please remove them from the vendor's hall.

  • Please do not change your child in vendors hall

  • Breastfeeding is allowed anywhere you feel comfortable doing so

  • We would really like to be able to continue allowing you to bring your children to the event with you, however, if the policies above are not followed we will have to remove this privilege in the future. 

What the Event Will and Will Not Provide and at What Cost



  • Wifi: We will provide wifi at an extra cost. If you do not order in advance you may be subject to additional charges for wifi. 

  • Electricity: If you need a placement near an outlet it will be an extra cost. If you wait till your on site to order electricity you will be subject to availability along with an additional charge. 

  • Float Services: We will provide a float breaking service for an additional cost. You will be responsible for bringing your own money for a float, but with this service we will break any bills 20$ and over.

  • Garbage removal: We are more than happy to help you remove waste from your booth during open hours of the vendor hall. During closed times, such as before and after vendor hall hours you solely are responsible for waste removal. Please do not wait till the hall opens to remove any waste items. 

  • Passes: Each space comes with two full weekend event passes. Yes your staff may share these passes but only one person at a time can use a pass and they must be visibly wearing it at all times.

  • Tables & Chairs: Each space is entitled to two 6x3 tables and two chairs at no extra charge. Please make sure to let us know in your application whether or not you need them. All tables will come with a tablecloth. 

  • Corner spaces: We offer the sale of corner spaces as an upgrade to your purchase on your application. If there are any left over corner spaces they will be allocated by random lottery. If you do not under any circumstances wish to have a corner spot please indicate so on your application. 

  • Accessibility: Please inform us of any accessibility needs asap so we can do our best to accommodate. 

Payment Policies

  • 50% of the cost of the space purchase is required as a down payment due within seven business days of your application being confirmed as accepted.

  • Balance of payment due no later than seven business days before the event. 

  • Services can be paid for onsite before receiving them. (you will be subject to availability and additional cost may occur if you do not order the services in advance) *this does not include the deluxe package whereas the services are included in the total cost and thus are subject it’s own payments.

  • There are no refunds of funds once the event is 30 days away.

  • To receive a 50% refund of full cost you must cancel no later than 60 days prior to the event.

  • To receive a 100% refund you must cancel no later than 61 days prior to the event.

  • In the event where GAnime is forced to cancel due to extenuating circumstances, a vendor will receive back the full amount paid for their space. Rollovers will not be offered for the next event, however you will be contacted ahead of registration for preferred registration.



Is it possible to leave the dealing room open later?

Due to COVID restrictions in place, we have scheduled two sessions per day. In order to ensure fairness to attendees between the two sessions, we will not be extending them later than scheduled.

If I didn’t mention that I wanted an outlet, is it possible to get one?

While we can make efforts to accommodate, outlets may not be available near your table during the event. In order to ensure you have power, please indicate so on your registration form, or get in touch with us as soon as you’re aware that you need an outlet.

Can I buy an extra table?

Before? Sure. Tables may not be available during the event.

Can I pay for this event and the next one at the same time? (Pay in advance for the next event)

Due to the uncertain future with respect to the COVID pandemic, we are unable to guarantee the next event will occur at this time. Please stay in touch with our updates for further information as the situation develops.

Is it possible to put our valuables in a safer place?

Dealers are responsible for the safety and security of their belongings and effects. 

Is it possible to use the elevator (not a freight elevator) to transport our merchandise?

The convention space does not allow the use of elevators for carrying equipment.

Can we order food and have it delivered to our booth?

Encourage the delivery driver to purchase an event pass!

Can we bring our merchandise the day before the convention opens? (Thursday in winter and Friday in summer)

We (GAnime) do not have access to the convention space ahead of time.

Are you going to make events for holidays like Halloween and Christmas?

Proooobably not.